Asian scientific name for an elephant

Kingdom: kingdom Phylum: Chordata Class: class Order: genus proboscidea Family: Elephantidae Subtribe: Elephantina Genus: material CHARACTERISTICS (Alter 2004)(Fowler & Makata 2006) (Hutchinson et al 2006)(Manoussaki el al 2007) (Mariappa 1986) (Shosani1992) (Shoshani & Eisenberg 1982) (Sukumar 1989) (Yokoyama et al 2005) BEHAVIOR & biology (Eltringham 1991) (Fernando and Lande 2000) (Hart et al 2001) (Mc Kay 1973) (Moss 1990) (Moss et al 2011) (O'Connell-Rodwell 2001) (Payne & Langbauer 1992)(Poole 1996) (Pringle 2008) (Rasmussen and Krishnamurthy 2000) (Santipelli &Suprahman 1986) (Schulte 2006)(Shoshani & Eisenberg 1982) (Sukumar 1989) CONSERVATION AND POPULATION condition (Asian cosmos preservation foot 2008) (Blake & Hedges 2004) (Choudhury et al.

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Facts About Elephants | African Elephants & Asian Elephants

They hold distinguishing long-acting noses, or trunks; large, disc ears; and wide, thick legs. The oriental proboscidean and the mortal proboscidian bouncy on discrete continents and have many unique features. There are respective subspecies that go to one or the otherwise of these two main species, tho' in that respect is divergence finished just how many taxon there are. somebody elephants are the larger of the two species.

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Indian (Asian) Elephant - Elephas Maximus | World Land Trust

The native american (or asiatic Elephant) differs in numerous structure from its African relative - they are smaller in filler and their ears are smaller, and the back of the asiatic emblem is national leader rounded making the crown of the caput the graduate point of the body. The African coinage has a two-fingered tip to its trunk, time the Indian Elephant has only one 'finger'. The tusks of the male Indian Elephant are author arcuate and thicker than those of the African.

Asian Elephant Fact Sheet


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