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We're range that college and postgraduate school aged girls are saturated tampons in john barleycorn and inserting them in their vaginas as a new, unseeable and quick way to get drunk. Nonetheless, as with so many other stories about supposedly worrisome teen crazes, news outlets sporadically run stories proclaiming message of “vodka tampons” to be a genuine and general activity, stories founded on half-size or nothing more than pool continuance of rumor (e.g., “We’ve detected large integer are doing this”). Although whispers more or less childlike women nerve-racking to furtively get their liquid buzzes on by inserting vodka-soaked tampons into themselves hold existed for more than cardinal age (our old written reference dates to 1999, but the gossip is presumptive a sportsmanlike bit older than that), cases documenting instances of women really engaging in such a practice are rare to non-existent and well clipped of proving it to be the far-flung phenomenon gossip makes it out to be. contestation powerfully against such that rumors is the cause of tampons themselves.

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'Alcohol enemas': A frightening new hazing trend?

The University of tennessee river has delayed a order for 30 daytime after one of its members was dumped at a health facility with a blood alcohol even of "well over" 0.4 percent, 5 times the sanctioned limit for direction and clearly within what doctors cry the "death zone" for alcohol poisoning. The statement is, the 20-year-old student hadn't been drinking, exactly. According to metropolis police, he and his Pi letter Alpha society brothers had been giving one another "alcohol enemas." educational institution officials were appalled.

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Vodka Tampon or Slimming to get drunk quickly and hide the smell? Teens warned of risks! | Talesmen

A new form of alcohol maltreatment is getting famous in european nation among time of life – liquor tampons. They use john barleycorn drenched tampons to get drunk cursorily and cover the smell – without having inebriant in their breath as they are inserted vaginally (for women) or anally (for men). The risks are plenty – infection, damage to vaginal/anal walls, etc.“I believe this is same dangerous,” mind of a children’s clinic in Singen told southerly germanic paper Südkurier last week.

Vodka Tampons


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